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Dark desires, sins against God, divinty

Watch “Die In Your Eyes – The Sweet Kill” on YouTube

Are the eyes truly the window to the soul? Let’s watch “Die in your eyes” by The Sweet Kill: an up n coming band out of Weluv, Van. Enjoy. And leave your comments.


Definition of a Dime

Young but mature…
Curvaceous but unique to
her own framework…
Fashioned figure of modern
times, yet wise around
the eyes & mouth (proof
of experience, not naiivety)
Has genes that allow
growth of feminine sexual
features with age, yet also
defuncts unwanted weight
gain, frown-lines, and wrinkles
(naturally occuring with child-
birth and stressful life)…
short in stature, with
emphasized hips, buttocks,
breasts, thighs, hair, eyes, and
Tall in stature, with emphasized
length of hair, legs, and arms; over
plumped breasts and lower lip with
eyes n stare so sinister they make
a lighted room appear dark…
That’s a dime. That’s a 21st century
goddess. That’s the description of
THE WITCH!!703f41b64ec7d93f1d75afb1f1fc2e44

Sins of Demons we Love (prt 4): Belial (Sodomy)

We all know the story of Sodom & Gommorah: a wicked, wicked thing. Right?  Anal sex has been a notable taboo sex act since the dawn of time, it seems. As the act in Sodom happened almost eight thousand years before the isle of Greece existed–as we know it. And what do we know of Greece? Other than their obvious gods of wisdom & logic, Greeks are well known for their sexual appetites or exploitations: great anal; lovers of those younger, and of the same gender. What about the Isle of Lesbos? Continue reading “Sins of Demons we Love (prt 4): Belial (Sodomy)”

Sins of the Demons we Love (prt 3): Mal’kira= Sama’el


Again, we test our affair between disciplined spirit, and “free will” within. All who know of the fallen “200” know of Samael, Eisheth (Ashtoreth) Zenunim, Naamah, Agrat Bat Mahlat, and Lilith: his dark consorts. Maybe many would not know he/she as Malkira, but yet another name. In this translation Samael & the sacred prostitutes are one. And it takes a very knowing ear, eye, and read of body language to know the quintet or the one. There are times that Lilith comes as Samael; Na’amah comes as representive in other times. This depends on how they were summoned or accidently freed into our plane of exsistence. And, as the Baal of this world, even the ladies like to play the role of male sometimes.


Although you may disagree, most of us sinners love Malkira. It makes us have extreme curiosity, extreme desire, and some scientific knowledges.  . Continue reading “Sins of the Demons we Love (prt 3): Mal’kira= Sama’el”

bdsm in ancient greece

I think prophetess might like this one. I do. Very good.

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Evidence of (non-consensual) bdsm fantasies in ancient Rome is provided by the “Satyricon” written by Petrarch, sometime in the first centuryof the Common Era.

For example in Book 4 Encolpius is given an aphrodisiac to drink.  His hands are bound behind him and the servant girl Psyche fondles his penis, trying to arouse him.  Psyche also pricks his cheeks with her hair pin to silence him when he tries to cry for help.

A bit later the man Encolpius and the woman Quartilla are forcibly bound together, for sport, by a group of young soldiers.  The type of bondage used on  Encolpius and Quartilla forces her mouth into intimate contact with his, her breasts rubbing against his chest, and their thighs  each pressed into each other’s.  As a result of the aphrodisiac he consumed Encolpius becomes “filled with lasciviousness” and begins performing on Quartilla who “on fire with a similar wantonness” shows…

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flagellation as sexual stimulant

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In ancient Greece and Rome, as well as in other cultures, there was an association between fertility (success in conceiving children) and some types of flagellation.  For example, whipping the buttocks with nettles was supposed to increase fertility according to the ancients.

Flagellation was also considered an aphrodisiac, or stimulant of sexual desire.  A man might be flagellated by a courtesan to restore his waning desire, as depicted in Fellini’s movie “Satyricon.”  Greco-Roman art often depicts a sandal being used for erotic spanking or slapping.   It can be surmised that much of this activity was consensual, since the person being whipped was seeking to get something out of it — arousal or fertility.

There are other depictions of the infliction of pain for erotic purposes, that was one-sided or non-consensual.  These images involve slaves, or female prostitutes who were motivated primarily by payment for their participation.

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Tales of Fallen Star

Note that 🌟 travels, and it breeds;
Bleeds and it travels: across the
cosmos with seed.
Fallen star, from On High: owl
that lost her young so they
could fly.
Fallen star, like a phoenix afire,
it grows … that life take shape
and new stars aglow: like the Sun
she warms all;
Like the moon, he lights the way
when darkness falls.
Fallen Star, and all it has established
Always under scrutiny by science’s
Fallen star, fallen but undying…
Stand tall oh nurturer of alchemy and
nature; stand up fallen stars, for we
are creators of the matrix.

Still my favorite (Sorcery)

Still my favorite… (Sorcery)

Seductively evil, as I know myself
She still knows me better: I am night…Am sin.
The light of day I bend, we bend by way of men
Having no boundries as my former self, and my new
never knowing their women as I do
The wicked must submit, as she does when mishap happens
When her left loses sight of her right
When she craves for suffering, prays with her motions
& her tongue: a serpent succumbs to her desires
That she returns to the Sun, my Right…righteousness by fire.
Deliver now to me All of you, on the lovers day
Commit to my darker loves, all of… As you
so have of the Above
My Sorceries await, for the date.

A Demon’s Stone (revision)


Baal in the Blood: a semi-bio of self, spiritual enlightment of
Baal/Bel entity, and causation of DemonStone Branch community

Now earlier notes of this, and even previous records concerning my bouts in life, were mysteriously lost or misplaced before this entry.
As an introduction, I’d have to say that this is partly a personal diary–my personal opinions, emotions, logic–and more so, ancient wisdom and knowledge (so we gain REAL understanding); very old religion for growth in brand new spirituality; brand new faith.

Birth of the Blackface: written by Baal via Isaiah

As all who believe, all that have faith in the most high, I am honorable and true to myself, my family, and my community. I am blind when I have much–what my heart desires–and I see clearly when I am heavily poverted; when I cry for what is seen my cry is hollow, but when I cry before the unseen my cry is a roar and a justice to my anguish.
My message has been one of unity and one of social strategy; power. Power that is mystical, magnificent, and divine, but not a hopeful or believer in powerful, solitary, divine forces: here to save the oppressed and defeated slave from a cruel master. No, not a servant to this bright and beautiful thing of light; not a desciple or child of this ideology.
And so in the month of Christian lent, when I finaly came to understand the truth of this light, I had become accustomed to the dark. As the Lords of darkness had saw me, intervened for me, and watched my youth become adult-like, so had those of the light watched and waited for my maturity.
My emotions were deep, and my mind was filled with questions; my heart hurt for release and I wanted to understand everthing in this life. I wanted to revive the faith of the people; those people that have also lost hope in the “forgiving” lord of the masses–the God of jews and gentiles.
I carried that light with me across my country, into California, at Mount Shasta. Not knowing then, that the words I preached–from a book of proven words–along with the energy of one Scotch-Irish descendant travelling with me, would show to me how deep the darkness was.

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